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October 24, 2020
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LED Flashlights: Water-Resistance Good For Professionals And You

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If an emergency occurs and someone is in distress, professional divers, firemen and rescue works must respond to the challenge immediately. Waiting for ideal weather conditions or better lighting is not an option when lives are at stake and the potential for destruction is high. It is no wonder that these professionals demand the highest quality in their lighting equipment. Their flashlight must be strong. It must be bright. It must be easy to use. And for many it must also have air-tight construction that leaves the device water resistant.

A water resistant LED torch can cut through the clouds and rain of a thunderstorm, illuminate a darkened street at the scene of a vehicle accident, and accompany a rescue diver searching for wreckage and survivors under water. These lights have proven their worth to many rescue professionals because of their strong, bright light, and long life.

While few of us will encounter the harsh conditions that professional rescue professionals must, we can take much from their experience and apply it to our own needs. Professionals demand a certain level of reliability and quality for all of their equipment.

Professionals as a whole tend to prefer the inherent characteristics of an LED light source. These flashlights burn much longer than a traditional flashlight. They also give off a higher lumens output than many traditional flashlights. This means the brightness is intense enough and clear enough to cut through the darkest areas. LED bulbs are also more durable than incandescent or halogen bulbs, making them ideal for extreme situations like fires, rescues and even the military.

There are of course adventurers out there that do consider diving, treasure hunting or snorkeling a vacation pass time. These individuals tend to consider LED flashlights the superior option and water-resistance a necessary feature. The strength of an LED torch made for underwater use cannot be beat when it comes to illumination.

The everyday home owner or outdoorsmen may not immediately consider the importance of a water resistant flashlight. You do not have to take your torch diving to 60 meters below to benefit from water resistance. If you are in the rain on the side of the road changing your tire or caught camping in the rain for a weekend, it is nice to know that your flashlight can handle the weather. Having these lights can prove very beneficial in your home emergency kit as well. Should rising water, broken pipes, a power outage or other unforeseen problem occur while you are at home, water can become a significant danger. Water-resistant equipment can give you and your family the assurance that you can weather through the problem.

Professional divers and rescue workers have known for a while the value of these lights. With the long lifespan and durability that a LED torch provides, people that use flashlights know they make an excellent choice. Campers, hunters and fisherman have understood for a while that a sturdy water-resistant LED flashlight is a key component of many outdoorsmen's gear.

~Ben Anton, 2008


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