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October 10, 2020
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Get Your Garage Organized With A Few Simple Tips

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For most people, the garage can become a 'black hole' where items that are seldom used or are hard to store, including Christmas decorations, tools, and more, all end up in a big heap. This makes it difficult and frustrating to find what you're looking for when your things aren't organized. Closet organizers can help turn that heap of items into a well-organized storage area. Who knows, once you're able to get your closet organized, you may be able to get the car back into the garage!

Don't Just Reorganize

Many people think they're cleaning up when actually they're just reorganizing. Those shelves that have become a jumbled mess of various items may look better once things are straightened up, but what have you really achieved? You probably end up with organized clutter. When you start to get organized, a good rule of thumb is if you haven't used the item in the past year either donate it charity or throw it out. Chances are if you haven't used it the past year, when the time does comes to use it you won't remember you even have it.

Some items may have sentimental value and you wouldn't want to just toss them out. If possible, create a memory box or scrapbook for these items. If they're too large for this suggestion, perhaps taking a picture of the item and keeping the picture will allow you to remove the item from your closets and free up additional space.

You may enjoy some things, like camping gear, that you seldom use. It might be better to rent the gear on the few occasions you will need it rather than trying to store it. Even with good organization, these bulky items can prove to be difficult to work with.

Efficiency Is The Key

It's not difficult to become efficient when storing extension cords and other spare parts that can quickly turn well-organized closets into a huge mess. A great tip to keep those cords organized is to neatly coil them and place them inside of a toilet paper roll, thus preventing them from become entangled. The coils can then be placed inside a clear container that will neatly fit on the shelf and you can easily see the contents.

Once you have items that can be placed into the clear containers, take the time to separate those you use often from the less often used. Closet organizers will allow you place the containers you use the most on levels that are waist to head high so you won't be bending over every time you go to use a frequently used item.

Overhead storage racks are great for holding large items such as bicycles and canoes where as long handled items like rakes and brooms can easily be organized in stands or special clips that grip the handles and neatly arrange them inside your closets.

Closet Organizers To The Rescue

Closet organizers can turn the lowly garage into a custom designed storage unit unlike the old closets of the past. All of the available space is put to use with closet organizers. Pull out baskets make it easy to access small items and will keep them from falling between shelves. Dividers for drawers will organize even the smallest items and help keep closets from becoming a general storage bin. Closet organizers help to keep areas clean as you soon learn that everything has a place.

Whether you live in Los Angeles or Las Vegas, closets are just the beginning when it comes to storage. Working with a good closet organizer you can rid yourself of unwanted or unused items. Cleaning will become easier as everything is well organized and you can make the most of the storage space you have.


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