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June 5, 2020
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Bike shoes- Their Types and benefits

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From shorter rides to longer rides on your bicycles, next to your bicycles, cycling shoes make up for the most important part of your overall riding experience. Although riding is possible with wide range of shoes, manufacturers design certain shoes for specific purposes to keep you safe from the potential threats of injuries and accidents.

Cycling shoes are different from any other footwear because their structure and design are meant to make pedaling more comfortable. Thus, wearing such shoes when riding a bike is a good idea for your safety reasons.

Cycling shoes can be chosen depending on your style of cycling. Nowadays there are variants for cycling off road, on the road, or for casual riding. Thus, there are different types of cycling shoes too to enable you to pedal more efficiently and with less fatigue. There are literally hundreds of different biking shoes for you to choose from. However, here are some of the major types of bike shoes that you should consider and hence decide which type of shoe best fit you needs:

*Road cycling shoes: With rigid soles and smooth bottom, road cycling shoes are made to be used with road bikes that tend to be lighter in weight compared to other cycling shoes.
*Spinning shoes: It is one of the latest improvements in the field of biking shoes. These are light weight shoes that resemble road cycling shoes. They are designed to be worn indoors and hence their soles lack the durability of shoes worn with traditional bicycles.
*Mountain biking shoes: It is also similar to road biking shoes but with two major differences. They tend to be heavier and possess heavy duty lug soles that are designed for walking, hiking and carrying your bike over rough terrain and out of the forest. They can either be worn with clip less pedals or pedals that use toe loops.
*Touring bike shoes: Touring is a hybrid between road and mountain biking shoes. They can be configured to use toe loops and clip less pedals and are designed to deliver more comfort. These shoes too are perfect for walking as well as riding.

These are four main kinds of cycling shoes that are made specifically for different types of biking including touring, off road biking, spinning, and racing as well. When considering which biking shoes to choose, look for one that breathes well and fits comfortably into your feet.

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