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March 30, 2020
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A Portable Drinking Water Filter Reduces Pollution

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With environmental pollution an ever-increasing problem, one thing you don't want to do yourself is to contribute to it by throwing away things unnecessarily. Surprisingly, perhaps, one of the biggest contributors to trash these days are water bottles.

30 million water bottles end up as trash

In our quest for healthy drinking water, we have unwittingly also contributed to a much greater trash problem and therefore a much greater negative impact on the environment through our behavior. A better option is to utilize a drinking water filter system.

Now, you might be saying that if you recycle these bottles, you're still helping the environment. That's not quite true. Although yes, you are having less of a negative impact on the environment when you recycle instead of simply throwing something away, recycling, too, takes energy and resources best used elsewhere when possible.

This is because recycling requires that what you recycle be cleaned and often melted down into another product to be utilized elsewhere. Therefore, even so, your best option is to use a home water filter system for your own tap water.

You'll also be saving yourself money where you use one of these water filter systems. This is because bottled water is typically quite expensive for what you get. Yes, it's drinking water and it's been filtered to proper drinking standards. However, you can get this same product from your tap as long as you have the proper system in place.

There are two basic types of systems you can utilize. The first is a relatively simple attachment to your faucet that utilizes a simple water filter that will take out most major contaminants, including lead and chlorine. It does not work for water that is not already considered drinkable. The simpler water filter system will cost you about $40-$50 for the initial set up, and then will cost about $10 a filter thereafter; typically, a filter of this type will take care of about 100 gallons of drinking water.

If your water is particularly bad tasting and you need something more complex than the above simple system, you can also opt for a reverse osmosis system. These typically will run you several hundred dollars or more, but you may also have the option of contracting with a local water purification company; these companies will rent you a system. For the rental fee, they'll typically service your system and may even provide filters. This is still much cheaper than buying your bottled water.

Therefore, you're doing not just the environment a favor by filtering your own water at home, but you're also doing your pocketbook a favor. Using a water filter system at home and buying reusable water bottles that you can use it again and again makes you not only a savvy consumer, but an environmentally responsible one as well.


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