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November 6, 2020
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Prescription Polarized Sunglasses For Active Folks

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Fall and winter are busy times for many outdoors enthusiasts. But even in the cooler weather, the chance for sun-related injuries is still present. Prescription polarized sunglasses should be an integral part of your equipment list.

Special filters in polarized lenses reduce much of the glare by blocking reflected light. This is especially true when traveling in your vehicle. Reflections off of mirrors, other vehicles or snow creates glare that may be very hard on the eyes and in some cases quite damaging. Reduced eye strain makes for a more alert driver, which is safer for all concerned.

Why Wear Prescription Polarized Sunglasses?

It is imperative to healthy eyes that they be protected from harmful UV rays. Some eye diseases such as cataracts and macular degeneration have a direct association to exposure to direct sunlight. These are the same rays linked to skin cancer and wrinkles. If you require prescription eyeglasses, regular over-the-counter sunglasses just won't do.

It's particularly important to increase visual distance and reduce glare when driving of icy or snow covered roadways. Accidents are mainly avoided by being prepared ahead of an event and avoiding it altogether. Accidents often happen because drivers can't see far enough in front to avoid obstacles. Prescription polarized sunglasses will offset this problem in a large measure.

But driving is not the only occasion to protect your eyes out of doors. Skiers, hikers, hunters and fishermen will also benefit from their use. Protection from wind and debris blown in their eyes is main objective here, not to mention glare reduction. Prescription polarized sunglasses are available for people who prefer sunglasses to clear standard lenses.

Eye strain is also a leading cause of headaches in outdoor enthusiasts. Straining and squinting at the sun doesn't do much to prevent unsightly wrinkles either. Nothing ruins a good day outdoors as fast as a splitting headache.

Healthy Eyes and Safer Motorcycling

The tender skin around the eyes is highly susceptible to certain skin cancers brought on by the sun's rays. This should also be a consideration when purchasing eyewear for use outside. There are many stylish options of prescription polarized sunglasses, so vanity shouldn't be a consideration.

Polarized lenses are manufactured differently than generic types. They reduce glare on water, glass, mirrors and many other reflective surfaces. They have become very popular with boaters, golfers and joggers over the years years.

Cyclists must be very alert on today's busy highways as well. A bicycle almost never wins a confrontation with an automobile. Prescription polarized sunglasses give cyclists the edge that may make the difference between safety and serious injury.

Many people opt for progressive lenses that become dark when outside but lighten up indoors. This allows the wearer to use only one pair of eyewear for all situations. No matter what you fancy, there is a pair of prescription polarized sunglasses to fit your need.


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