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May 7, 2020
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Best 10 Tips For Road and Mountain Bike Maintenance

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If you have a mountain bike or a road bike, it is important that you know how to care of it properly. Caring for your mountain or road bike is important to ensure that it is always in top condition. Proper maintenance of your bike also prevents you from having an accident while on the road. It is not only for the bike's performance but also for your safety.

There are a number of things that you should do to keep your ride in good condition. Here is a list of the best ten tips for road and mountain bike maintenance.

1. Check your tires. Everyone knows that the most used parts of the bicycle are the tires. You should look closely at the tires and search for holes and cracks. This will prevent you from having a flat tire while on the road.

2. Check your bike cables. Your bike cables are connected to your brakes and gears. If they are damaged or broken, your brakes and gears will not be working. You need to replace them with new ones if something is wrong with them.

3. Check your handlebars. It is important that your handlebars are also in good condition. If they are cracked or damaged, you need to repair or replace them as soon as possible. You also have to make sure that the rubber covering the handlebars are in good condition. This keeps your grip on the handlebars secure. It is also easier to hold the handlebars if they are covered with rubber than exposed handlebars, especially if it is too hot because steel absorbs heat and makes it difficult for you to hold.

4. Check the bike chain. The bike chain should be replaced twice every year or depending on how often your ride your bicycle. Replacing them regularly will ensure that your gears and sprockets are in good working condition. This is also much cheaper than repairing or replacing your broken gears and sprockets.

5. Check the body. The body should be free of rust and corrosion. A rusty and corroded body can be dangerous especially while you are riding the bike on rocky terrain or very fast on a smooth surface. You can get into an accident if your bike suddenly breaks apart because the body is not in good condition.

6. Check the bearings. To do this, you need to move your bike forward and backward several times while the brakes are locked. Make sure that you do not hear any weird noise because weird noise means that something is wrong with your bearings. Bearings allow you to steer your bike. If they are broken, you will lose control of your bike while riding on it.

7. Lubricate your bike. You need to lubricate several parts of the bike such as the chain, brake pivots, pedals, brakes and gears cables, shocks, hubs, and brackets. This will ensure that your bike is running smoothly.

8. Clean your bike regularly. Simple cleaning like dusting and wiping with clean cloth is important to keep your bike in good condition. You also need to wash your bike thoroughly, especially after a long ride in the mountains or on a muddy road.

9. Always bring spares and tools. You always have to be ready while riding your bike. If possible, always bring spares and tools like spare tire tube, repair kit, multi tools, hand pump, and so on.

10. Bring your bike to a repair shop when needed. If you do not know what is wrong with your bike, you have to bring it to the repair shop immediately before you think about using it. This will avoid making the problem worse and will prevent you from having an accident while riding.


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