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April 17, 2020
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Beach Chairs Add So Much to Your Seaside Experience

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Sitting here in my office looking out over the landscape around me, I am whisked away in my imagination to one of my favorite places, the beach. I can picture happy families sitting in beach chairs and enjoying the sun. Or older couples walking along the shore quietly contemplating memories and the life they share. Or the occasional individual who therapeutically stands gazing out to the distance, centering themselves on what is really important in life. There is just something special about these scenes, something singular and yet universal.

Whatever the reason for going to the beach, whether it be at a lake or by the ocean, people everywhere draw strength and find renewal. Beach chairs make the experience more pleasant. As a young family, we would go to the Oregon coast just about every Spring or Summer. We didn't bring chairs. I guess we just never thought of it. As a result, we got to deal with lots of sand in everything, including our food and clothes. As we got older we had the revelation that beach chairs really add a lot to the enjoyment factor of being around the sand and water. They give a sort of perch from which to keep an eye on the kids, make relaxing easier, and are great for establishing your space on the beach.

So what type of beach chairs do you want? Many people like the low maintenance composite or plastic ones. Maybe wood is more your style. Or maybe you like aluminum or fabric. It doesn't really matter what material you prefer your chairs to be made out of, just as long as you are happy with what you get. Some beach chairs have built-in cabanas that are perfect for keeping the effects of wind, blown sand, and sun at bay. These are a bit heavier so are best suited for situations where portability isn't the issue.

Many beach chairs are designed to be portable and fold for easy storage and transport. Some have built in cup holders for drinks. Others are simple designs that don't have arms at all. These are great because they are super light and easy to move around. Again, having options is nice, but what matters most is that you are content with the chairs you settle on.

One of the things that some manufacturers of beach chairs are doing is making them out of recycled plastic. This appeals to many people in today's climate conscious, go green environment. And why not? It makes sense to reuse old materials when possible and these chairs come in many bright and fun colors and designs. And fun is what you are looking for on a beach!

Whether lounging by a pool, walking down to the sea shore, or establishing a semi-permanent relaxation spot on your own beach somewhere, beach chairs are a great addition to your day. We go to places like that to relax. If having a chair helps that effort, then more is the joy. Lounging, folding, wooden, aluminum, recycled, plastic, cabanas, tables, umbrellas - lots of choices. So day dream away. Escape to that special place on a beach somewhere. Picture yourself being there with loved ones enjoying your new beach chairs. And, as they say, we'll see you on the beaches of the world!


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